Useful Links


  1. Australian National Imams Council 
  2. Islamic Information Society of South Australia (IICSA)
  3. National Zakat Foundation
  4. The Islamic Society of South Australia Inc 
  5. Australian Islamic College 
  6. Garden College
  7. IQRA College
  8. Playford College 
  9. Pinnacle College


  1. Australian Refugee Association (ARA)
  2. Australian Migrant Resource Centre 
  3. HOST International
  4. AMES Australia
  5. Centrelink 
  6. Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) 
  7. COTA South Australia offers services and programs for older Australians.
  8. Department of Education 
  9. Department of Home Affairs 
  10. Housing SA 
  11. Services Australia
  12. Lutheran Community Care 
  13. Medicare 
  14. Multicultural SA
  15. Multicultural Aged Care
  16. Multicultural Communities of SA 
  17. National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  18. Office for Women
  19. Welcome to Australia
  20. Women’s Safety Services SA
  21. Zahra Foundation Australia

Collaborations between Muslim Women’s Association of SA and other Community Groups

  1. Surviving the Ocean of Depression 
  2. We try not to take people’s hate into our hearts