eid adha brunch for members

Everyone had a great time at the Eid Adha brunch for members! 🍳🥐

It’s always great to celebrate shared achievements and strengthen connections with others. 😊

Just as every dish brought unique flavors, our individual strengths complement one another. MWASA thanked everyone for making this event a success🎉🎊🥂

Stay tuned to our next event in November.

job readiness workshop

We are happy to share that our job readiness session, presented by Welcoming Centre, was a great success. The session aimed to help new arrivals prepare for the Australian job market and learn about the skills and strategies needed to find employment.

The participants were engaged and enthusiastic throughout the session and gave positive feedback on the topics covered, such as resume writing, interview skills, networking and cultural differences.

We would like to thank Welcoming CentreWelcoming Centre for their collaboration and support in delivering this valuable service to our clients. We look forward to more opportunities to work together in the future.


peta's farewell celebration (others)

It was a sad day when we had to say goodbye to our wonderful Foundation Skills Manager, Peta Abdalla. Thank you for your valuable contribution to MWASA and the community.

We wish you all the best on your future endeavours🤗👭❤️


Staffs eid fitr celebration (others)

Eid Mubarak🕌✨

MWASA staff recently got together to celebrate Eid with a delicious lunch from @trulymalaysianvillage. What a better way to celebrate the end of Ramadan than with good food and good company!

It was a great moment to reflect over Ramadan and the year ahead. Thank you to all the hard working staff and management at MWASA.

We hope you all had a joyous and blessed Eid! 🧁🍹🥘👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🍕


food safety training (SETS)

Our SETS Youth recently took part in Food Safety Training for their ongoing skill development and support into future education and career pathways. This training was provided by the @redcrossau, we thank them and their volunteer Kathyrn for such an informative session. Pizza making was a fun way to end the day and put their new skills into practice. Great work!!


foundation skills student celebrated harmony week

MWASA English Language learners had a great time brainstorming together, trying to come up with synonyms for “harmony”, “inclusive” and “respect”, participated in small group discussions recounting moments when they felt “included” and shared a scrumptious lunch together.


tasbih making (SETS)

Our SETS youth group recently got together to express their creative side and make their very own Tasbih!
This was a parenting event where both mums and daughters involve in the activity. It was great to see all the creative ideas flowing over the colours and design choices. The session really allowed for open conversations and team building skills. 
Everyone had a great time and are looking forward to our next craft session.

flower arrangemnet (SETS)

Flower arranging is therapeutic and mood-boosting indeed.

The ladies were instantly mesmerised by the colours and sweet fragrant smell of flowers brought by the instructor, Ms Fawzia who volunteered her time and expertise to conduct a flower arranging session. The ladies were shown the basics of flower preparation and arranging.

sets Bowling and laser tag - adventurous summer holidays

We had an adventurous day during 2022 summer holidays. We headed to Zone Bowling Australia for Bowling and Laser tag combo session. The youth girls who participated in this session had a blast and were actively engaged in both recreational activities. The girls were able to learn to engage others in teamwork and develop new connections and stronger friendships. It was so fun and great teamwork. 

sets youth leadership - tree top walk at kurangga park

We brought our SETS Youth Leadership Program participants to the Tree Top Walk at Kurranga Park. It was a successful and enjoyable experience for all participants. We wanted to engage the youth in activities that require problem-solving, coordination and the ability to follow instructions and safety measures. The girls learned about the importance of communication, problem-solving skills, how to adhere to instructions and the ability to perform under pressure. Well done girls!