Providing an essential support network for the Muslim community.

Muslim Women’s Association of South Australia (MWASA) is a diverse group of individuals based in Adelaide who are committed towards enriching the lives of the Muslim women community in South Australia. 

As a non-profit organisation, MWASA has provided for the social, educational, religious and recreational needs of Muslim women and their families in South Australia for over 25 years. Our services and programs are purposed to bring together communities and building on its strength.

With a membership of over 300 women and their families, MWASA thrives to bring forward an essential support network to the South Australian Muslim community.

Our services and programs at a glance:

  • Settlement services for newly arrived Muslim women and their families
  • Community and home support for seniors
  • Youth programs to build confidence and develop leadership skills
  • Basic and Intermediate English classes and Computing classes
  • Cross-cultural training for individuals, service providers, schools and community groups
  • Study circles, support group and Quran classes
  • Casework service
  • Referrals to mainstream agencies




Dora Abbas

Vice Chairperson

Noor Azidah Abdul Aziz


Ramila Chanisheff


Mandy Zhou

Management Liason member

Noor Alli

Management Commitee Member

Miriam Silva


Accounts Manager

Moga Khodrati

Administration Manager

June Aini Hussain

Foundation skills manager

Peta Abdalla

Project Manager

Sitiurika Ahmad

CHSP Intake Officer

Malikazat Ghayrat

Cross Culture Education Officer

Flora Chanisheff

Foundation Skills Officer

Yayan Rahayani

SETS Project Officer

Joudi Moukadem

SETS Project Officer

Maria Rohany

Social Media Officer

Siti Sarah Nabilah Rozali

EALD Tutor

Susan Brunner


Lina Gavric