let's pick strawberries

Strawberry fields forever and charming strolls through Hahndorf! 🍓✨ Our seniors had a blast at Beerenberg Farm, soaking up the sun and picking the juiciest berries. Then, a leisurely lunch in the heart of Hahndorf’s Pioneer Memorial Gardens! 🌳🍽️ Nature, companionship, and a sprinkle of German heritage – that’s how we roll on our exciting excursions! 🚌🌈

bbq summer gathering

Sizzling under the summer sun with our amazing seniors at Thorndon Park! 🌞🍢 From parking lot arrivals to taxi adventures, we made sure everyone got to the BBQ bash. Lamb and chicken kebabs, lakeside chats, and watermelon delights—our day was a perfect recipe for summer fun! 🌳🥳 Cheers to sunny days, great company, and delicious memories! 🍉🌼