Staff Eid Lunch

Last week had been full of celebrations; among them was our staff Eid luncheon, where our volunteers, staff members and committee members gathered to enjoy  quality  staff   bonding  time.  

Staff enjoying their meal

It was a great opportunity not only for the staff to sit down and chat away from the workplace, but to meet with other members of staff they do not see regularly, as well as get aquianted with the new recruits.  The table was filled with conversation of all sorts, and plenty of laughter was shared throughout the meal.

Staff enjoying their meal

Big thank you to Saray Kebab House Cafe and Restaurant for hosting the luncheon. The food was marvelous and it’s safe to say that we left no plate untouched!

Spread provided by Sarey Kebab House 

The team is keen on seeing the rest of 2021 together and will continue to work hard to surpass our 2020 achievements.

Staff selfie

If you are interested in volunteering with us, visit our Volunteer Page or Contact Us on any of our available platforms. We look forward to hearing from you!