Games Day with CHSP Seniors!

To celebrate the ease in lockdown restrictions, our CHSP Seniors enjoyed a fun day indoors playing friendly games with friends! 🧩 We had played numerous mind-twister games that left the seniors full of laughter and chatter.
Among all the games played, the crowd favourite was Bingo! Our seniors were very engrossed in the game and many began to show their competitive streak . There was even a demand for a second round!
Seniors eagerly waiting for the number announcment during a game of Bingo.

Seniors playing Bingo.

We also played a puzzle game with Tangram, which was a little challenging for the seniors. Amazingly, the seniors managed to solve it within record time. Congrats to them! 
Seniors solving the Tangram puzzle.
It was great to see our seniors having fun and enjoying themselves, and we’re excited to welcome more to our future activities! 👀