Usrah – Monday Study Circle

I get to meet and make friends with women from all over the world . I have learnt a HUGE amount about Islam along the way. I can’t always say that I practice it the way we should but I do my best. I have learnt how to read the Qu’ran with Tajweed from two amazing who has moved overseas and now Sr Hannah who has an unending supply of patience..which she needs some days more than others . However we are improving and as we do she gets tougher !

Sr Azidah takes us for other areas of Islam -hadith,seerah, ‘the life of the Prophet(s.a.w.) and general aspects of Islam.This has made Islam alive to us and very ‘comfortable’ to live with.

With a huge thank you to all involved and Alhamdullilah that Allah has allowed this to happen, I can say that Insha’Allah I will continue to come to usra and learn and strengthen my faith every Monday. We also enjoy the amazing array of food when we have a shared lunch for special occasions. So if you have an hour to two to spare on a Monday morning please join us !