Study Circles and Support Groups

MWASA runs various classes for women to socialise and learn in a comfortable environment. These classes build confidence, increase knowledge and provide extra support for members to take up further studies or a job, all in a comfortable and relaxed environment.


Co-ordination, Recruitment and training of volunteers

Volunteers are important to us. Through this program we recruit and train volunteers in a comfortable environment, who are interested in the process of learning new skills and work ethics required in Australia.


Cross-Cultural training for service providers, schools and universities, and community groups

Provide Cross Cultural training to educational institutes and organisations to increase their awareness about Muslims and remove and misconceptions.


Co-ordination of a variety of programs, activities and seminars for community members

These programs for community members are educational, increase knowledge and help socialise, and also provide a space to share issues and suggestions.


Emergency Relief

With this service, clients get timely assistance in emergency situations. This can be in the form of food vouchers. Financial and material help is very limited.


Referrals to Mainstream agencies

Referrals are provided to clients to access other mainstream services for help or assistance as required.


Casework Service (Networking with other agencies)

We provide clients with appropriate advice, referrals and information useful to increase their knowledge, confidence and problem solving capacity in a culturally sensitive environment.