In Memory of Zabedah Ashe

IN memory of Zabedah Ashe

Our dear sister Zabedah Ashe returned to Allah swt on 23 December 2016.
She had been one of MWASA’s hard working management committee members for a few years, and a dedicated volunteer for MWA and the community in various areas. When MWASA did not have a treasurer in 2006-7, Sr Zabedah selflessly took up the role with full commitment, making it easier for our organisation to continue our work smoothly.
One of her passions was to help others. Always keen to support sisters, she was known to and popular with sisters of many ethnic backgrounds- new arrivals, long established residents, students or visitors. When there were sisters looking for rental places, or needing connection with others in the community, Zabedah was always willing to give them time and advice. She was especially active in helping students to adapt and settle in Adelaide.
On a few occasions, when there were sisters needing urgent temporary accommodation, she had helped to accommodate them or arranged for them to stay elsewhere. Her compassion had won her many friends in different circles.
Often when work pressure became heavy in the office, it was Zabedah’s good humour that broke the tension and had everyone burst out laughing! Through her passion for food she treated us to a variety of delicious Malaysian food!
We have missed her dearly and pray that Allah swt will forgive her sins and highly reward her for all her good deeds!
MWASA Management Committee