Congratulations to our SETS Youth Leaders!

A big round of applause for our SETS girls who’ve just completed our 3-day Youth Leadership Workshop! 
The workshop aimed to build the foundation for leadership in our SETS Youth; primarily focussing on self-reflection and confidence in communication. It was an excellent opportunity to help our youth not only as budding leaders but also as individuals, where they learned to channel a ‘growth mindset’ so that they can embrace challenges and accept criticism with ease. 
The girls were very active participants so every workshop was a flurry of activity and discussions. They were very keen to learn new skills and how to tackle problems that they were unsure of. A big section of the training was dedicated to being conscious of yourself and others around; specifically how your thinking, actions, and method of communication effects how you are perceived by others.
At the end of the workshops, the many youths commented that “more [workshops] would be good because I think there is still a lot more to learn…”. MWASA is very glad to have provided the opportunity for our SETS Youth to grow and learn, and make new friends.
MWASA would be very keen to hold similar workshops for our youth in the future. Will you be joining us then?

CHSP Seniors play with Watercolours!

Who knew our seniors were such talented artists? 
We held a fantastic art therapy session on June 3rd for our CHSP seniors, guided by art therapist, Victoria Lowery.
The seniors were evidently excited for their first art activity and worked hard to present “the Colours of their Heart”. They were keen to learn about watercolour and stenciling techniques that they would later use in their own works. The activity created a relaxed atmosphere that allowed the seniors to fully engage in their work. It was one of the few times where our seniors weren’t merrily chatting!
It was a wonderful opportunity for them to practice their creative side by expressing themselves through various colours, patterns and shapes; and the results were stunning! We expected no less from our seniors!
While the session was aimed to reduce stress and practice psychological wellbeing, it was most importantly an activity designed for our seniors to enjoy themselves. It was rewarding for us and the seniors to see the result of their work at the end.
We are looking forward to seeing what other creative surprises seniors have to show!

Rostrevor College experiences Unity in Diversity

Last month our Cross-Cultural Educator, Flora, took students from Rostrevor College on a tour around Wandana Mosque as a part of our Unity in Diversity program.
She discussed the topic of Islam and Muslims, and answered questions regarding common misconceptions regarding them. Flora also conversed about fasting and the month of Ramadan, particularly on its importance and the difficulties associated with it. 
It was an informative session that allowed the students to walk away more informed and with a better understanding of the importance of having Unity in Diversity. 
Thank you to Wandana Mosque for hosting us and to Rostrevor College for attending!
If you are interested in arranging a Cross-Cultural Session for your school or workplace, contact

CHSP Eid Lunch

If we’re talking about celebrations, we can’t possibly leave out the Eid Lunch we held for our CHSP seniors! It was an incredibly joyous event seeing as the seniors had been too busy during Ramadan to see each other, so this lunch gathering had been an excellent opportunity for them to catch up with each other after a month of Ibadah.

We had an overwhelming number of seniors attend the lunch event, many of them excited for the chance to meet with friends and grab a delicious meal. 

Seniors having lunch

Seniors having lunch

Seniors having lunch

Seniors having lunch

Despite the seemingly endless chatter, we managed to get the seniors to play some light games. ‘Bingo’ proved to be a crowd favourite as there were many laughs shared throughout the game. They also played a visual perceptual activity where they guessed the number of animals in a picture, which caused a lot of debate among the seniors. 

Bingo winners!

Game winners!

Game winners!

Big thank you to Tangritah Uyghur Shish Kebabs Restaurant for hosting lunch, we couldn’t have held a lunch as big as this without your help!

Food enjoyed by our seniors

Thanks to Saray Kebab House Cafe and Restaurant for the amazing deserts; the seniors had enjoyed them very much!

Desserts provided for our seniors

Looking forward to the next event with our CHSP seniors!

Staff Eid Lunch

Last week had been full of celebrations; among them was our staff Eid luncheon, where our volunteers, staff members and committee members gathered to enjoy  quality  staff   bonding  time.  

Staff enjoying their meal

It was a great opportunity not only for the staff to sit down and chat away from the workplace, but to meet with other members of staff they do not see regularly, as well as get aquianted with the new recruits.  The table was filled with conversation of all sorts, and plenty of laughter was shared throughout the meal.

Staff enjoying their meal

Big thank you to Saray Kebab House Cafe and Restaurant for hosting the luncheon. The food was marvelous and it’s safe to say that we left no plate untouched!

Spread provided by Sarey Kebab House 

The team is keen on seeing the rest of 2021 together and will continue to work hard to surpass our 2020 achievements.

Staff selfie

If you are interested in volunteering with us, visit our Volunteer Page or Contact Us on any of our available platforms. We look forward to hearing from you!

Usrah Eid Morning Tea

We had a fantastic morning tea gathering in celebration of Eid with our Usrah study group on May 17th. After the weekly Tajweed classes, our members had came together to prepare a shared morning feast filled with amazing foods!

Usrah member during their weekly Tajweed classes
Our wonderful members had taken the liberty to meticulously prepare tea that it started to look more like feast fit for a king. We expected no less from our Usrah ladies!

Foods prepared by Usrah members

Foods prepared by Usrah members

It was definitely a great way to celebrate the beginning of Eid; with celebration, laughter and, of course, the abundance of food.

Usrah members enjoying the spread
Big thank you to our Usrah members for making this morning as amazing as it was!
Join us every Monday from 10am at the MWASA building for our Tajweed classes; the program is entirely run by our lovely sisters who are more than welcome to help you recite the Qurโ€™an with confidence.

Eid al-Fitr 2021 Message from the Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister Scott Morrison,

On behalf of Muslim Women’s Association of SA, thank you for your good wishes to our community. 

We appreciate the support from you and the South Australian Government this Eid al-Fitr, a time of celebration that we have always looked forward to.


Kind regards, 

Dora Abbas

Vice Chairperson

Eid Mubarak from us to you!

Muslim Women’s Association of SA (MWASA) would like to wish you a sincere Eid Mubarak.
As we celebrate this blessed day, it is important that we also make dua for the safety and health of our family members, friends, brothers, and sisters, whether far or near.
May Allah (SWT) bless you and your family with an abundance of peace, joy, and health!

SETS Youth Indoor Soccer Tournament

What a kick-off!

Our SETS Youth enjoyed the Saturday morning of April 10th participating in an energizing indoor soccer tournament; the perfect gathering before the start of the month of Ramadan.

SETS Youth in a match.

Despite some not having played the sport before, the support from the other more experienced girls was definitely an encouragement. It gave our SETS Youth the opportunity to interact with others in their community as well as participate in something new. To see the collective team effort put into the games was amazing.

Pre-game team meeting.

The post-game treat of pizza was definitely a good note to end the day for everyone, especially for the winning team that brought home a bag of prizes from their successful game!

SETS Youth enjoying post-tournament pizza.

The winning team poses with their prizes.

During the down-time, many suggested other possible social sport they would like to participate in; it is safe to say that MWASA will definitely be holding another social sport event for our SETS Youth in the near future!