Australian Law for You

A session to explain Australian Law was organised on 21 January 2021, focusing on the most common issues brought up by our SETS* clients.

Melanie and Ella from Legal Services Commission went through the rights of both the tenants and landlords, fines, what to do if you are involved in a car accident, marriage and divorce. They also provided all attendees with phone numbers to the legal services commission helpline and the translating and interpreting services available to them. In addition, all attendees were given a booklet with all the important information in their own language.


The session was informative and delivered using clear and simple terms. It helped them to correct some of their misinformation regarding Australian law. The attendees found the session to be very useful as they gained new information and it helped correct the misinformation they had on the Australian law. Interpreters for both Arabic and Dari speakers were present.


SETS*= Settlement Engagement and Transition Support